Klarna is an affordable and flexible financing plan that is designed to reduce the pressure of large purchases.
Features in 4 interest-free, ride now and pay later, monthly payments with no hidden fees.

Klarna offers a "pay over time" option which calculates the monthly fee and includes a reduced APR. Simply choose a payment timeline that suits your needs best.

It’s easy to manage your plan at Klarna.com or the Klarna app where you’ll be alerted by email when a payment is due.

Pay in 4 Benefits

  • Split your shopping and budget your spending, making it a flexible and easy shopping method.
  •  If you choose this Pay in 4 plan, it will not affect your credit score.
  • Neither interests nor fees when you pay on time.

How to use klarna

  • As klarna limit of our store is $1700, if your order amount is higher than that, please contact Customer Service support@roll-road.com  to split the payment order amount for you and pay in 2 separate orders.

    (For example, if you purchase a $2000 product, we will send you 2 invoices: $1700invocie+$300invoice. For the $1700, you can pay in installments through klarna; for the $300, you can pay with PayPal or credit card.)
  • Fill in your shipping address information and click Continue to pay.
  • Select payment method klarna
    (For orders required invoices installments, please select klarna payment method)
  • View order information
  • Enter contact information for verification
  • Enter SMS verification code
  • Confirm payment information
  • Payment completed

Your e-bike will be shipped from the warehouse immediately