Return & Refund

These Consumer Purchase Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) are a legal agreement between you and Roll-Road and apply to all consumer purchases by you of any model of electric bikes (“e-bike(s)”) and/or related accessories offered by Roll-Road (collectively with e-bikes, the “Products”) in the United States only. By purchasing any Products from Roll-Road, or by using the Products you hereby agree to these Terms in their entirety.

Please read these Terms carefully and thoroughly as they list your obligations and rights. A dispute that you may have under these Terms will be taken to arbitration.

1.For all orders( including pre-orders), your credit/debit card will be charged immediately.
There will be no delay in payment collection, regardless of when the item is expected to ship.

2.Cancellation and Return:

a. Cancellation Before Shipping Label Created

You may contact service to cancel your order for a refund up until the time you receive your shipment confirmation email with tracking code information. There is no need to responsible for the restocking fee, but the shopify online store will charge transaction fee and credit card or paypal will charge the handling fee -- A total of 8% of the transaction amount should be charged. If you use installment payment, the bank will charge a handling fee of 10% of the transaction amount.

b. Refused Shipment: 

Cancellation after shipping label created cannot be processed.  If you refused to accept delivery of the shipment, you will be responsible for paying round trip shipping fees ($300) on the merchandise. And a total of 8% of the transaction amount should be charged as bank handling fee. If you use installment payment, the bank will charge a handling fee of 10% of the transaction amount.

c. Return After Delivered

Orders can be cancelled and returned within 30 days of receipt. To be eligible for a return, the bike must be free from damage dirt, dust, or any fragrances, and in the same packaging and condition that you received it. We only have one packaging box for each bike, so please keep this box and packaging materials until you confirm that there are no problems. If delivery is completed within 30 nature days, to cancel the order, customers are required to contact Roll-Road with the following details.

1 Order email address
2 Order Number
3 A receipt or proof of purchase

A: Unopened box: The customer is responsible for the round trip shipping cost of $300. In addition, Customers are responsible for handling fees (8% or 10%) assessed by paypal or credit card processor or shopify platform.

B. Open box bikes: The bike must have less than 5miles, be free of any wear and tear, dirt, dust, fragrance, or any other signs of use, and in the same internal and external packaging and condition that you received it. The customer is responsible for the round trip shipping cost of $300. In addition, Customers are responsible for restocking fees(30%), handling fees (8% or 10%) assessed by paypal, credit card processor or shopify platform.

Within 7 days after receiving the package, if there are package damage and other problems, customers should take photos and videos for feedback in time. After more than 7 days, if the damage is caused by improper use of the product, it is not covered by the warranty.

For us to better understand the problem and solve it effectively, photos and / or videos are REQUIRED as evidence.
*Definition of
Critically-damaged items: the main structure of the product is obviously deformed and affects its normal functions in any form.
Note: the following situations
Will be seen as normal and will not apply to the free replacement or refund policy:

A) Minor damage to the outer packaging.
B) Minor scratches or paint loss on the product.
C) Damage to parts or wearing parts after excessive use.
D) Damage to parts or wearing parts after using for a certain while or a certain number of times.

d. For delivery is complete more than 30 nature days, Returns are not allowed

3.Non-returnable Product

Not Eligible For Return, Exchange, Or Refund Products Include But Not Limited To: All accessories. Special orders. Used Products. Fashionable wear (hats, etc).


If the customer's return is accepted, we’ll send a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Once your return is received and inspected we will notify you of the approval of your refund. Roll-Road reserves the right to withhold up to the full value of the refund if the bike is in poor condition upon receipt.

If the bike has been in your possession for 30 days, it will not be eligible for return.
If you are approved, your refund will be processed and a credit will be applied to your credit card or original method of payment within a reasonable number of days(normally in 14days).

You are responsible for the round trip return shipping cost of $300, restocking fees(30%) and handling fees (8%, installment payment is 10%) assessed by paypal or credit card processor or Shopify platform. We appreciate your understanding. If you make a purchase from outside of the United States, currency conversion charges may be applied by your credit card company and Shopify (the payment processor). You will be responsible for all of these charges. Roll-Road can only refund in USD up to the full amount of your original purchase. 

5.Ebike Performance

Please note that information regarding the expected range on a single charge on one of our ebikes is an estimate, not a guarantee. There are many factors that contribute to actual, real-world range for an ebike battery such as age of the battery, temperature, level of assist, speed, payload, and terrain. Given the right conditions, it is possible to get less than the expected minimum range or greater than the expected maximum range.
Regarding the 30% grade climbing, our test data is a 125Lb rider on a paved slope of no more than 30 meters. Climbing ability is also affected by factors such as rider's weight, terrain, wind, and battery power etc.

Roll Road reserves the right to use substitute parts, material, or equipment of equivalent quality and value that meet Roll Road’s strict standards).

Any alterations, modifications, or other changes made by you to an ebike following your purchase which affect the safety, operation, or mechanics of the ebike shall void the Limited Warranty and shall be at your sole risk of harm.

6.Ebike Safety

a. Ebikes is not to be operated by anyone under the age of 16. You assume the responsibility to ensure the age of the operator is at least 16 years old and comply with your local laws and regulations regarding operator age and other qualifications.
b. Riding ebike without a helmet puts you at very high risk of serious head injury or death. Always wear a properly fitted helmet that covers the fore heads. Many locations require specific safety devices. You assume full responsibility to familiarize yourself and ensure the operator and any passengers adhere applicable helmet and safety laws or regulation where you ride.
c. Any ebike is subject to wear and tear, and certain components and fasteners can stretch or loosen with the vibrations and stress of normal operation. You must check your ebike before each ride and according to the other checklist contained in your ebike owner’s manual. Failure to do so could result in property damage, serious injury, or death. You assume full responsibility to perform a pre-ride safety check on the ebike before each ride.
d. Riding ebikes involve certain risks, including but not limited to the risk of serious injury or death. You assume full responsibility for the risks involved in your use of the ebike and related activities.
e. Incorrect assembly, maintenance, or use of your ebike can cause component or performance failure, loss of control. Serious injury, or death. You must read and understand the entire owner’s manual and any documentation provided for subcomponents or accessories before riding.You assume full responsibility for the proper maintenance and the proper assembly.

If you have more questions, please contact us by We are happy to answer at any time.