Roll-Road Emma
The Perfect Moped-Style E-Bike for Seniors 2023

If you're a senior citizen with balance problems, you probably thought your best cycling days were behind you. But we disagree. Today, new electric bikes are being designed that have a wide range of rider abilities in mind. Besides, seniors today aren’t looking to go quietly into the sunset. They want to go, bike saddles blazing, off onto the next adventure trail they can find. They want to squeeze every bit of life and adventure out of their golden years, so we have good news for you. Our Emma e-bike is especially designed to help seniors get out and get on a bike again.

1.Thoughtful Step-thru Design

First and foremost, this e-bike comes with step-through frame design, making it easy to get on and off for riders of all heights. The low-to-mid center pivot ensures stability and balance during riding, even on rough terrain or uneven surfaces. This makes it an excellent choice for city commuting or short trips around town. Enhancing mobility helps older riders maintain an active, healthier lifestyle. Having to mount a high bar to get on a bike is a definite no-no and a risk for those with balance issues.

2.Easy Operation & Safety Features

Safety is always the priority. With so much to offer as Emma, you must know that it’s equipped with center axle torque sensors.The torque sensor ensures safer and more comfortable riding by providing instant feedback on the amount of assistance required. This makes it suitable for both novice and experienced riders. That ensures the bike starts more smoothly without any jerk or instant acceleration. With headlight, rear light, turn indicators and reflective strips on the wheel, making you seen even at night and guarantee a enjoyable trip any time.

3.Mighty Comfort Riding Experience

Is there more? Of course! Emma boasts dual 180mm disc brakes and hydraulic shocks absorption which make your stops more smooth and safe and provide a cozy ride on any complicated terrain.

4.Free your Hand and Mind

Cruise control is added on this bike which aims to free your hand and ease your wrist pain on long rides. It can be turned off by the owner as well. Your ride, your choice!

5.Ergonomic Extended Saddle

What we need to stress is that Emma comes with a 18'' saddle and has a optional 24'' one that is designed as an ergonomic cushioned seat. It’s top notch and hard to beat we must say. 7 gear shimano is ready for you to choose hoe hard you want to pedal when go uphills and switchable pure electric and pedal-assist drive modes allow you set the bike according to your comfort level and safety requirements.

Now you believe that Emma would be a great choice for anyone looking to explore the world on two wheels. Let’s roll up in style together this summer!