How to Prevent E-Bike Theft

E-bikes provide a number of benefits. Sadly, due to all of these benefits, e-bikes are a tremendously sought-after item among thieves. We've heard several horror tales of electric bikes being stolen in even what seem to be "secure" settings, like the case of an owner who had his brand-new bike taken from his own driveway only seconds after putting it together.

Here are some recommendations for preventing theft of your ebike and recovering your losses if it is.

Lock it Up!

Buy a reliable lock and use it consistently. You get what you pay for in regard to e-bike locks. Bolt-cutters-wielding thieves can easily cut through weak cable locks. Unbreakable locks do not exist, but the purpose of a lock is to stop bike thieves before they ever attempt to take your bike. Always lock your bike securely, preferably with a u-lock, and through the frame to the bike stand. You should also lock the front wheel and frame together with a chain lock or folding lock. 


It could be alluring to conceal your e-bike in a remote location now that you're an expert in e-bike security and have your locks ready to go. This is a serious oversight that offers the perfect covert place for a criminal to pick those new locks. Remember that no lock is impenetrable and that concealing your e-bike provides a potential burglar more time and privacy to cut your locks. Your e-bike should be kept inside of a garage. 

Get a Reliable Alarm!

The BEST approach to draw everyone's attention on your e-bike immediately away and force a thief to give up their nefarious endeavors is to use a bike alarm. Although an alarm is not a replacement for locks, it may definitely deter bike thieves with tools from trying to break your locks.

GPS Tracking!

Sadly, even with all of these security measures in place, an adventurous bike thief can still be able to steal your e-bike, therefore you should think about theft recovery. One of the few methods for swiftly retrieving your electric bike is installing a GPS device. A major benefit and aid in your recovery process is the use of GPS to provide authorities with the position of your bike.


E-bike insurance is the only method to prevent having to pay out of pocket for a replacement if your e-bike is stolen and you can't find it using a tracking device.  Many consumers make the error of believing that their homeowner's insurance will cover an e-bike, however some insurers classify e-bikes as vehicles or even provide separate policies. Make sure your e-bike meets with the policy's requirements by carefully reading the policy's contents.

In the end, it is the rider's responsibility to avoid e-bike theft, although there are a number of trustworthy and tested solutions to reduce security risks. It's time to get outside, have some fun, and take advantage of all the wonderful advantages that come with owning an e-bike now that you're armed with our best advice for avoiding theft.

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