How to Get More Skills From Your E-Bike

How to Get More Skills From Your E-Bike

The popularity of the E-bike is inexplicable. From the moment they appeared in large numbers on the streets, people, especially the riders were quick to research what makes them so popular and demanded. The e-bikes offer a possibility of motor and pedal-assisted ride, which is truly amazing since this bike can cater to different age groups. It is great for the younger population that would like to explore different horizons and limits with their bike, as well as for the elderly too, who would need help on different parts of the road and the riding itself.

The technology if riding an E-bike especially refers to the mountain e-bike. The entire experience will be much more enjoyable if you have good technology of how to ride it. For the mountain E-bikes, there are different mountain bike tips for uphill that will help any rider best achieve the desired goals. That means that mastering the correct riding technique is what will make you and your riding confidence and most of all, enjoyable.

Here are some mountain bike tips for uphill that will help you get more fun and pleasure when riding your mountain E-bike.

Correctly tune your suspension

The first thing that will affect and contribute to a better riding experience is correctly tuning the suspension. The suspension needs to be adjusted according to your riding weight. Here you need to also include the full riding kit, the pads, the backpack, and the helmet. The manufacturers have the practice to show a table that contains and suggests the best fork air pressure. It is best and recommended to set the negative suspension travel to about 25%.

Less tyre pressure

When it comes to mountain e-bike types, what applies to other bikes does not apply here, for example, the tyre air pressure. For the mountain uphill climbing, the less is more. That means that the tyre pressure should be lower. For example, the ideal tyre pressure is around 1.4 to 1.8 bar. This of course depends on the tyre size, the width of the tyre as well as rider’s weight. In the previous article we posted, you will find all the necessary info about the knowledge of tire pressure.

Drop the seat post

A dropper seat post is what contributes to a more efficient and better ride. So, if your mountain e-bike does not come with such, it is best to covert to one as soon as possible. When you get that one, lower your saddle for the exercises that will come. If you already have a dropper seat post, then adjust it to the type of riding that you will be doing.

Flat pedals

Flat pedals bring, deliver, and inspire much greater confidence when it comes to perfecting your riding technique. If it feels a little bit out of balance, you can quickly react and remove the foot from a pedal. That will prevent it from being stuck, which is the case with the clipless pedals. 

Balance on your E-bike

As soon as the wheel rolls on its own, it is time to balance your E-bike. This comes due to the slight incline or the strong pedal kick. To do the balancing, stand up on the pedals, in the center of the bike. Keep the crank levels, and put the entire body weight completely on the pedals. The position of the body requires the knees not to be straight but to have a certain curvature. This will help the body relax. Additionally, hold the handlebars with both hands, and control the direction. When the pedals are firmly pressed with the entire body weight, the hands will feel and get almost no pressure. This helps and is the best way to balance the electric bike.

Going uphill

Going uphill with your E-bike is easy when it is motor-powered. It will go smoothly, but it will go even better if you have the right riding skills. This is especially important when climbing. The ideal position is to go with your E-bike to the side of the road, facing up, with a 45-degree angle to the slope. This will work as long as the trail is not too narrow. This is a much easier position to climb the E-bike. When climbing, keep both the brakes, front and the rear, applied to the bike so that it does not rollback. Climb the uphill from the high side, be sure to sit on the saddle, and raise the outside pedals downtube level. Position the front wheel in the direction that you want and be focused on the road in front of you. if you have the dropper seat, be sure to keep the saddle down which will allow easier balance. The ride should start with your seating. Do not shirt gear, the elbows should be slightly bent and hard, and try to pedal evenly. For those who do not have a dropper seat post, then, let it rise slowly. When you get back in the rhythm, you can opt for a higher support level or start shifting the gears as the terrain requires.

If you follow and adjust to these tips, you will experience an entirely different, more professional, and enjoyable mountain e-bike ride. You will soon see for yourself how the technique can affect the entire ride and provide you with the best experience.

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