Knock, Knock…
Who's there?
Hey, dear neighbour,don't be frightened, it's Roll Road!
Are you ready for the upcoming Halloween?

Halloween’s origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.
This day marked the end of summer and harvest also the beginning of the dark and winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. During the Samhain festival, the souls of those who had died were believed to return to visit their homes, and those who had died during the year were believed to go to the other world. People set bonfires on hilltops for relighting their fireplace for the winter and to frighten away evil spirits, and sometimes they wore masks and other disguises to avoid being recognized by the ghosts thought to be present.

In the 7th century, CE Pope Boniface IV established All Saints’ Day, originally on May 13, and in the following century, perhaps in an effort to supplant the pagan holiday with a Christian observance, it was moved to November 1. The evening before All Saints’ Day became a holy, or hallowed eve and thus Halloween. 


Each year Halloween is much anticipated for all of the fun and spooky activities that come with it. There's the creative side of carving jack-o-lanterns, making unique costumes or crafting some cute Halloween decorations.

There is also the fun Halloween tradition of "Take a Hayride", getting pumpkins or taking your family and friends go through a scary road to explore unknown paths.

This year, please allow Roll Road unlock more unknown locations with you.
Roll Road e-bike is equipped with a 100nw 1000w motor, which provides powerful energy to conquer all terrain for you;
48V 20AH battery ensures a range of up to 70 miles to meet your long-distance riding needs;
20*4" puncture-proof robust fat tires are suitable for all terrain;
Dual suspension system guarantees a comfortable ride on any complex road conditions.

ROLL ROAD is your first and best choice on the road! In this beautiful and cool season, we have prepared a generous gift package and up to $300 discount vouchers for you.
Take your coupons and gift package now and bring your kids and family to explore a different kind of Halloween!

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