Wobble severely when riding Ebike from Lectric XPeak and Radpower Radwagon Ebike?

Lectric had to accept refunds and returns for Xpeak models purchased in large quantities, because too many riders reported that the front wheel or handlebar would shake and wobble when riding, especially when accelerating, loading cargo, and when heavy riders ride. The same problem also occurred to Radpower radwagon models.

These Ebikes that have defects in frame design and have not passed strict road tests and quality inspections should not be put on the market, otherwise they will be irresponsible for users' riding safety. Ebike is an increasingly popular means of transportation, safety and stability are the most basic and important considerations.All our Ebike models are designed with safety and stability as the most important priority.

What factors will affect the stability of riding?

1: Materials used in the frame. In order to save costs, most Ebike frames use very thin less than 4mm aluminum alloy.
Our 6061 aviation aluminum alloy frame uses high-strength aluminum and uses 10mm thickened plates which after T4, T6 double heat treatment to increase rigidity and strength.

roll road ebike

2: Design of the frame.
Many frames on the market are welded without payload calculation and design, resulting in weak and uneven force. Usually the front is light and the rear are heavy, and the front wheel and handlebars will shake seriously when riding. Especially when the speed is high and the payload is heavy.
Our models have undergone scientific mechanical design to evenly distribute the load, and have reinforced welding boxes on the frame head tube, down tube, etc. The front fork uses a motorcycle-grade double-crown front fork instead of a weak single-crown front fork. The payload reaches 450LB, and it does not shake at all at a high speed of 35mph, making it the king of stability.

roll road ebike

3: Coordination and adaptation of the frame and other parts.
The soul of an Ebike is not just a simple assembly of frame, wheels and other parts, but an organic combination of heart, blood and all the whole parts.
We achieve the perfect combination by using top-notch branded parts and constantly optimizing the parameters of the controller and the whole electronic control system.

roll road ebike

Fourth: Rigorous testing and improvement.
Ebikes that are only tested on instruments and equipment and have not undergone strict road testing are unqualified bikes.
Our Ebikes has undergone real-world 450LB double passenger load, 30mph+ high-speed riding, and 30% grade climbing, and the test riding distance has reached more than 20 Miles.
A mature and perfect ebike product is the masterpiece of a team. An Ebike that doesn't pass the above four points of testing is not a safe one.

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