EMMA PRO Cruise Contro air suspension Moped Electric Cargo Bike
EMMA PRO Cruise Contro air suspension Moped Electric Cargo Bike
EMMA PRO Cruise Contro air suspension Moped Electric Cargo Bike
EMMA PRO Cruise Contro air suspension Moped Electric Cargo Bike
EMMA PRO Cruise Contro air suspension Moped Electric Cargo Bike
EMMA PRO Cruise Contro air suspension Moped Electric Cargo Bike
EMMA PRO Cruise Contro air suspension Moped Electric Cargo Bike

EMMA PRO Cruise Contro air suspension Moped Electric Cargo Bike

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2023 new year | SAVE $300

2023 new year | SAVE $300


The 1000W geared hub motor delivers enhanced hill-climbing capabilities. Take on daunting inclines with more power - even at lower speeds.


With up to 70mi on a single charge riding a full day without a recharge is now a thing.


Ride it on pavement, grass, dirt, gravel, beach. It's addictive.

Cruise Control

Enter the cruise control mode when holding the throttle for more than 5S. Enjoy using this function to relieve wrist pain, especially on long rides.


With 1000w And 110Nm Of Torque At Your Disposal,The High-Speed Brushless Gear Hub Motor Can Help You Conquer The Most Rugged Terrains Easily.


EMMA PRO electric bikes are equipped with 48V 20Ah batteries to ensure a long life span and excellent performance. The range can be up to 70+ miles per charge with pedal assist.

2022 Strongest
Full Suspension

Emma has a double suspension system which ensures comfort of riding under any complex cycling conditions. Push your rides to an advanced level while enjoying better control and traction. Go smoother, go longer, and rule the road.


18" long soft saddle, sofa experience


Emma Not Only Has Rear Tail Light Integrated With Steering And Braking, But Also Add Water Flowing Front Turn Signals, Especially When Riding At Night, It Can Remind The Oncoming Vehicals And Bring Double Riding Safety.


Tall seat: 5'4"-6'4"
Original seat:5'2"-6'2"
Tall seat is more comfortable for taller than 5'8"

The tall seat EMMA is same with EMMA except for the taller seat.  


The aluminum alloy lightweight frame is adopted, and the intensive frame body design is simple and smooth, firm and beautiful, and adopts light Air Suspension Fork  to reduce the weight, and effectively save power.


Backlit display, showing speed, mileage, power output, remaining battery percentage, PAS level, etc., with waterproof function.Added usb charging jack to charge your phone or other devices.


1200 lumen retro light to ensure maximum safety.
Emma prioritizes safe riding, either as a mountain electric bike or as a city ebike.

*Battery range estimates depend on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc. Mileage may vary. All bikes are subject to minor cosmetic changes*

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Excellent Bike

Very few e bikes have fat tires and full front and read suspension, with a long battery life. If you can ride a bike, you can very easily learn this bike Ike less than 2 minutes. The pedal assist settings are easy and basic. I am very satisfied with my purchase.I made a modification to add my little guy. He loves it. He doesn’t get bounced around because of the full suspension!


First off I would like to say thank you I really appreciate the gift you guys have sent me, it was so unexpected when I open the package I was surprised so I went into my email and noticed that you guys had reached out to me due to my review, The bike is great it is awesome yes we did modify the seat to make it higher but it was slightly wobbly before that nothing crazy. You feel it when you’re going top speed or if you shake Handle bar side to side but I’m sure with the little engineering you guys will perfect it, I like to make videos and I will post a video of the bike and give you guys a great review on my Instagram

Robert Ritchey
Very nice bike the Emma Pro

The ride is excellent the full suspension works great. The seat is very comfortable but in my case needs to be higher. Had a couple of problems out of the box which Roll Road stood good for. Communication with these people was great.

Robert Ritchey
Nice ride

The suspension is fabulous and a great ride. This bike pedaling without using any pass is very manageable. Loads of power when needed and I have done a few mods.

Laura White
best looking one.

It would be impossible to overstate just how much I am loving this bicycle. I have the great good fortune to live in a place that is bike friendly with beautiful paths and generous bike lanes on main thoroughfares. As a 65 year old woman, the exhilaration of smoothly flying along at 20mph, the wind in my hair (well - my helmet) and the sun on my face is not a joy I anticipated experiencing at this point. I feel young and alive in a way I did not before I got this treasure. The bike feels strong and sturdy on the road , and the controls are intuitive and easy to use. I love this bicycle!! And footnote - two of my best friends have already received theirs. SO FUN!!!