Roll-road Pedals
Roll-road Pedals

Roll-road Pedals

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  • Pre-order, ETA: Early June
1. Pedal surface: large tread shape, similar to MG-1, suitable for mountain bikes, etc. There is a CR-L/CR-R logo on the pedal surface, L means (left) left foot, and R means (right) right foot. (marked with wellgo)

2. Surface cleats: There are cleats on both sides of the pedals, and the cleats are not removable.

3. Pedal thread: The left and right threads of the pedal are different, the left side can only be installed on the left crank, and the right side can only be installed on the right crank!

4. Double DU bearing: Double DU new shaft system, good rotation smoothness.

5. Reflector: It is safer to ride at night.