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EMMA 3.0
Ron L.

I bought my Emma3.0 after my buddy Chuck M told me it was a great bike and would fit me just right. So I took his word for it and bought a white Emma3.0 and Love it. The comfort, the distance, for someone my age 68 with both knees, hip, ankle,and back surgeries, it is so easy to get on and off and ride a long distance with comfort.I would recommend this bike to everyone. You won't be disappointed - guaranteed.

EMMA 3.0
Chris L.

Thanks to Emma I went on a trail today I haven't been on for about 35 years.While the Emma 3.0 couldn't do the biggest hills (in the woods, rocky roads) it helped me visit an old camping area.
It is doing what I wanted it to do... getting me out and rolling on the old roads around here.
Very solid design, might be the moped ebike you are looking for!

EMMA 3.0
Brain w.

Bryce Canyon with both bikes out. friends, even people randomly passing by are interested in this bike and asking me about it. Bikes performance are very good and it can fits in with the beautiful scenery pretty well. I think it looks good and can meet most of my needs during the trip, very satisfied with it!

EMMA 3.0
As much fun as I had hoped

RollRoad Emma 3.0 review:
I tend to write too much so I will try to make it useful.
-about me: 6’4” and 225 lb with years of on/off road motorcycle experience
-the area I live in: very hilly, mountain roads, steep hills, trails
-the quick: this thing is fun. It goes! 35 mph is possible but I tend to average about 25-30mph in my area. It slows down on steep hills but hasn’t failed me yet on main roads, secondary roads, and logging roads. I have used it on a few trails but this isn’t really meant for that kind of riding.
-some details: directional, headlight, taillight, horn… all great features
—two batteries: work well and hold a great charge. I can’t get the 150 miles range but, to be fair, the folks at RollRoad told me before buying that the 150 mile claim is on flat ground/roads. I totally believe it could do that on smooth/flat terrain. I get out 60 miles of real world riding in my area (big hills and dirt roads)
-brakes are nice disc brakes. They work well
-suspension is more than adequate
-at top speed I get a little wobble from the front tire almost like it is unbalanced but I adjusted the fork compression and that made difference (softened it)
-seat: I am going to get the longer seat because I am a little tall for the standard seat and sit back too far on it so the extra seat length will be useful.
-rack: very nice and useful. A little trouble lining up the bolts but all good in the end.
-wheels/tires: great on roads, dirt, sand, light mud.
-would I recommend this? Yes. I would also like friends and family to get one.
-does it replace an off road conventional gas dirt bike? No, that is not its purpose.
It is definitely a good moped with some off-road capabilities. It won’t go 30MPh up hills but it won’t quit on you, either. The torque sense pedaling works really well. There were only two trails I just couldn’t go up. To be honest it would have been difficult on a 175cc enduro motorcycle, too. Straight up, rocky terrain. This is not meant for that.
-pedaling: you have to use the pedal assist. The gear is fixed in a higher speed setting. This does not have selectable gears. So pedaling without the assist from a stop is very difficult. This is not meant for that in my opinion.
-you can pedal and get some light exercise while the bike does about 14mph
-I really like it! It is that perfect in between a bicycle and a full motorcycle. Do you want to have a leisurely ride on a nice day? This is your bike!
-This would be awesome in a city, too!
-customer support: excellent and very quick to respond with helpful ideas.

That’s it! Enjoy your’s when you get it. Push it to its limits and see what fun you can have.

EMMA 3.0
Joanna H.
Fantastic E Bike

The Emma 3.0 is well thought out, well built and fun to use. It is safe and sturdy and gets us places! I highly recommend this e bike because if its quality, ease of set up, its appearance and because it is fun to ride!

EMMA 3.0
george-michael m.
This ebike is rad

Ever since I lost my old e bike in the fire I've been saving and looking for its replacement. It took me about an hour to put it together and I've been riding ever since The Emma 3.0 has gone above and beyond my expectations The liner curve of pawer makes it super easy to ride. The shocks and big tires makes it a breeze riding urban or off road. The range is perfect for me i can ride it back and forth to work several times between charges. It is so well built. and sturdy i would trust it with any terrain, If you are on the fence get over here its worth every penny.

EMMA 3.0
Paul Z.

We've had a lot of rainy weather which makes riding not ideal. But I'm already almost at 300 miles in the week I've had it, despite pouring rain and severe storms most days. I've still been riding and have found it to handle quite well. it's worthy of riding in all weather. So far the riding experience has been fine, Im really enjoying it. There's also a Shark here in town; managed to get pictures with it too.

EMMA 3.0
Brain W.

I have a black and a white Emma, brought the black one to our trip to Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon. The riding experience has been very comfortable, suitable for riding on all terrain, highway, mountain road and climbing hills. and the long seat allows two people ride together. To be honest, riding an Ebike in the summer is more comfortable than driving a car, and you'd be able to go to more places and enjoy more scenery. Great riding experience, even recommended EMMA to friends I met on my travels, hope everyone can have a chance to try it.

EMMA 3.0
Awesome Ebike

I ordered the Emma 3.0 Ebike a week ago and it was shipped out that day. It was delivered in less than a week. That was impressive. It wasn't very difficult to assemble, the videos they sent in the email really help alot. I added some accessories from my old Ebike to customize it to how i wanted it. I love the 450 lb. payload limit. The 4 piston hydraulic breaks seem to work great. I really love the 4 inch color display, and the price was awesome considering all the features you get. I needed an ebike with a long range and this has it with the dual 20 Ah batteries. I had a couple questions about the Ebike. The customer service texted me back right back right away, they were very knowledgeable and courteous. The NFC smart key is a great feature too. I also love the lockable storage trunk that I ordered too. For the price this is awesome ebike. ❤️

EMMA 3.0
Joseph V.
Built Solid!

Im 282 lbs. and the Emma 3.0 took me to 33.9 mph before I had to slow down to the next intersection; I could have hit 35+ mph. I bought this bike for pleasure with a maximum capacity of 450 lbs, duel brakes, duel shocks, and duel batteries, you get plenty of bike for the cost. Amy, with Roll Road, gave great support with any questions I had for her. The videos to assemble the bike were excellent. I know I will get many years of pleasure with this gem. Thanks Roll-Road!

EMMA 3.0
very solid, full-suspension, two-seater goes 35MPH and can even seat THREE!

see photo for proof

Perfect for big guys!

I'm 6'4", 300 lbs. and this thing has no problems getting me around. It has a little trouble on the hills of San Francisco, but I honestly don't fault it. I still haven't been able to drain the battery all the way. I'll take it out for hours and come home with about half the battery life left. The only thing I'd have to say negative is that I find the seat kind of uncomfortable for longer periods of riding. That's probably due to my size, but I'm learning to deal with it.

EMMA 3.0
William R.

Been riding the bike for a few days now, the 450lbs payload are great,
great experience and my family loves it. Probably going to get a second one next year, I'll definitely be recommending this bike to anyone who ask.

EMMA 3.0
Rita C.

I was a little afraid of purchasing this for fear it would be too heavy for me to handle let alone pedal. My husband said my face shined as I rode! I felt like I was twelve again peddling with such ease. What I did not realize is the pedal assist happens without turning the handle to engage the engine. You can see that we live on a ranch and the bike handled the gravel and occasional fluffy dirt perfectly. I love the seat. It is very comfortable, and is one of the selling points for me.

I can even pick it up and turn it around to put it away in the garage with one wheel on the ground. I love the fact that it has two batteries. I choose to keep one as back up just in case.

Putting the bike together was easy. It arrived very well packed and protected. I did need help to get the front wheel on. The backbox was a little tricky as well, trying to hold the nut while screwing down the bolts. Much easier with two people. Each battery has its own charging port so charging one battery that you used is easy.

I let my husband ride it and as he turned around at the top of the driveway heading back toward me, he stated he would like one as well! He had a big smile on his face. So we ordered another one!
The customer service is outstanding. If you're worried about somebody not communicating with you this company will surpass all your expectations of great customer service.

I highly recommend these.

EMMA 3.0
Best buy for the money!

I researched for weeks before I made my decision to purchase the EMMA 3.0 ebike. Many bikes had good features but this one put them all together into one great ride!
• 2 - 52V 20AH batteries
• Large soft padded seat
• 4 piston hydraulic brakes
• Great digital display
• CST Scout tires for on/off road
• Torque sensor in crank
• 1500W BAFANG SUTTO motor
• Front and rear suspension
• Front and rear lights with turn signals
• NFC unlock
• Lots of accessories!
I couldn’t find anything else with all these features at any price and the price I paid is very reasonable!

EMMA 3.0
Rich H.
Possibly Perfect

The Emma 3.0 has the feel of a 125cc motorcycle. It's heavy for a bike, but the 1500-watt motor makes it fun to ride. The 24-inch long seat and folding footpegs make it easy to carry a passenger. The front/rear shocks and fat tires on Emma 3.0 smooth out the bumpy roads. The bike and customer service have been a 5/5, but the videos from Roll Road on getting the bike ready for your first ride could be more detailed. I'd love to add the 45 L trunk to my bike. I already bought a second charger. I'm looking forward to many adventures in the future.

Shark 2.0
Gilberto R.
Roll Road Shark 2.0

I received my Shark 2.0 and took to work a few times, Really Love it, The ride is perfect the exceleration is amazing, Feels really comfortable, and a very Smooth ride. Love it Love it Love it, Thank you,

EMMA 3.0
Jaymie W.
Great e moped

The display is great to read in all lighting.
I live in Michigan so the big tires make riding feel so much safer on our pothole roads.
And Great battery life for all day travel.

EMMA 3.0
William R.

Had some problems while assembling but figure it out eventually. all in all I'm pretty impressed with the functionality of this bike. its rides pretty well for its weight.

EMMA 3.0
Estevan L.
Great ride

Main reason I got Emma 3.0 bike was because I’m a big guy and the payload is 450 lbs. The bike was super simple to assemble and came in great condition. The bike has a lot of details and everyone in my small town wants one now. The moped of bikes. The head light is super bright and the signals and brake lights work great. The whole bike is made from good quality materials. Love the battery range as well.

EMMA 3.0
Nathan M.

I really like the Emma 3.0's two seater feature, it has tons of power and a super battery to keep you riding from day to night

EMMA 3.0
Ron L.
Ron's Roll - Road

I bought the white Emma 3 received it yesterday. My buddy Chuck M and other buddies helped assemble it. Did some customizing. Put a riser on the handle bar stem, put a bag on the back, put mirrors and a phone holder on. Love the Quality of the Emma and how quiet it is. I am 68 years old and have a lot of new parts in me both knees, hip, ankle and back. It is so comfortable to ride very impressed. Would recommend it to anyone looking to get moving at any age.I was able to get close to deer on the rail trail because of how quit it is. Love the Emma3

EMMA 3.0
Joe O.
Roll into the Sunset

I own 3 e-bikes and the Emma 3.0 hands down bar far is the best. My rides are now longer without any battery worries. Smooth,fast,comfortable and unreal stopping power. I have 150 miles on the bike and charged it once at 40% battery, now still at 100% and 55V with 46 miles currently. No doubt I could go at least 125 miles with middle pedal assist. It is summer in Az so I ride late at evening so I will continue to enjoy riding to many more sunsets. There is no bike out there that comes close to the quality and value. Right-on Roll Road.

Emma 2.0
Mendoza H.

Best Moped Ebike! Perfect customer service! A company worth your investment.

EMMA 3.0
Scott D.

The best ebike to buy, we really like the Emma 3.0!!!