How to Ride an Electric Bike

After learning more about what an eBike is and how it differs from a regular bike, you may be wondering how exactly an eBike works. What different modes of riding does an eBike offer? What mode is best for your commute, weekend ride, or quick grocery run? Roll-Road eBikes offer three riding modes that vary in motor output and electric assist levels. Read on to learn more how eBikes work and three ways to ride your electric bike.




Like the name implies, just pedal and go. Riding an eBike in pedal-only mode essentially turns off the “e” in eBike – it’s just like riding a conventional bike with no electric power. As a rider, you always have the option to use your eBike like a conventional pedal bike.

Pedal-only mode is a great way to get in some exercise on weekend trail rides or for trips to and from your child's soccer games. It is also perfect for keeping pace when riding with family or group members who may not have eBike. Fun fact: this mode is called “acoustic” mode in the eBike industry modeled off the common comparison between electric guitars and acoustic guitars. 




This mode is the perfect way to close the exercise circles on your smartwatch while still getting where you need to go fast. Pedal-assist augments natural pedaling but with a boost. You may feel like a superhero or like your bike is turbo-charged. Essentially, it’s like having the wind at your back on demand.

Roll-Road electric bikes have five different pedal-assist levels to determine the power output from the motor, so you control how you ride. The higher the number, the higher the output from the motor. Pedal-assist mode provides the perfect balance between natural pedal power and motor power. Feel free to adjust the output as you ride to speed up and keep up with traffic or slow down and take in the view.




Throttle-only mode puts the “roll” in Roll-Road. Don’t sweat it (literally), just push the button and go to become a champion of your commute, no pedaling necessary. Roll-Road eBikes allow you to truly soar through the streets.

Throttle-only mode is perfect for a commute when you don't want to show up exhausted or sweaty from the exertion of traveling. It's also great for conquering steep hills, transporting groceries, riding effortlessly with kids from after-school pick-up, or giving your legs a rest on a joy ride.


Now that you’re a master of the three modes, loving your new eBike will be a breeze. Ready to Roll? Learn more about our electric bike models, and order yours today.


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