How Do Pedal Assist and Throttle Assist Work

You may be wondering how exactly Roll-Road electric bikes work and which riding mode is best for your commute, and off road adventure. Keep reading to learn exactly how we put the “e” in eBike so you can master your ride and Roll.


Roll-Road eBikes have 5 pedal-assist levels that determine power output from the motor. Adjusting the mode allows you to control how you ride: speed up to keep up with traffic or slow down and soak in the view. A higher the number indicates increased motor output. This customization gives you the perfect balance of pedaling or motor power.

The built-in LCD screen allows riders to monitor the level of pedal assist as well as speed. With our 500/750 watt powered electric bike, it’s important to get a feel for how to ride with pedal-assist so you are comfortable with the different speed settings so you can have the wind at your back on demand. Along with the pedal-assist level and speedometer, the LCD screen also displays an odometer, battery charge level, to discover the details as you cruise.



With throttle assist, you can ride your electric bike without pedaling. Throttle-only mode is great for heavy loads or when you don’t want to sweat the commute (literally). Roll-Road eBikes have a top speed of 20 mph on throttle-only mode, allowing you to effortlessly haul cargo, keep up with traffic, and conquer hills.

Easily switch from cruising in throttle-only mode to pedaling with pedal-assist.


Check out our blog for more tips on how to ride an electric bike and check out our guide to safe riding. Ready to Roll? Shop Roll-Road eBikes !


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