Find the perfect E-bike for yourself

Find the perfect E-bike for yourself

You know you want an e-bike. You may have even researched a few different options. You know you don’t want to choose the wrong one but choosing the right one can seem daunting. After all, an e-bike can be a substantial investment and you would like it to last you for many years and miles. With so many different brands and options available on the market, how can you be sure you are making the right choice?


That’s where our detailed questionnaire comes in. We want you to have confidence in the bike you purchase. At the end of the day, the best e-bike is going to be different for each rider and may change for a particular rider over time depending on their level of fitness, interests, and skill level. That’s why it makes sense to take an assessment and get a second opinion, even if you’ve already ridden an e-bike or own one and are looking to upgrade.


Below, we give context for the various questions that we ask on our e-bike questionnaire. Feel free to keep this page open as you complete the questionnaire. You may read about something you hadn’t considered at first glance. Let’s get started!


What Do You Want to Do with Your E-bike?

The primary reason for your interest in an e-bike is going to be a great question to start with. Some people enjoy the limitless potential for adventure that an e-bike provides. By opting for a bike with a long-range and powerful motor, you can be sure you’ll run into some experiences shortly after setting out on your first adventure, no matter the type of terrain.

 Or maybe you just want a way to explore your city or go on an easy tour of the Best Trails in the United States. Bringing an e-bike along during a camping trip or vacation up north can provide the perfect way to take in the scenery while still staying energized for the other activities you want to pursue on your trip. Riding for recreation or exercise is a great reason to buy an e-bike. You’ll stay fit, have fun, and feel better each day you go for a cruise.

 Still, others may want an e-bike as a means of getting to and from work or running errands. This type of individual likely is looking for a way to save money, spend less on gasoline, and keep their car in good condition longer with less wear and tear. Commuter e-bikes are an excellent option to keep the environment safe from harmful vehicle emissions as well.


On What Type of Terrain Do You See Yourself Riding?

Going off-road and hitting trails may require a more robust e-bike with suspensions on both forks, fat tires for the best traction, and disc brakes for avoiding obstacles in the woods.

 Conversely, if you prefer to stick to paved roads, sidewalks, and bike paths, you might be able to forego some of the features common to mountain e-bikes. Riding through a city represents far fewer obstacles for the bike to maneuver.


How Big Are You?

People are typically considered tall or short for the purpose of fitting them into the right e-bike model. For our scenarios, it’s important to know if you are taller than 5 feet 8 inches or shorter than 5’8”. This will help us determine the type of frame and frame components such as the seat and handlebars best suited to you.


Which Features Do You Care About?

E-bikes have many different components that affect their price, range, and versatility. How much you care about price will tell us if we need to recommend a budget-friendly option or a decked-out premium model. If you care most about how far you can go on a single charge, we will be able to point you to our longest-range models. Other considerations include capacity for carrying items, power for accelerating and maintaining high speeds, brakes for quick stopping in traffic or around trails, and comfort for long-distance riding. Pick at least 2 features you deem most important.


Which  Tire Size is Best for You?

As fat-tire e-bike, we  here at Roll Road know a thing or two about wide tires. Not only do fat tires provide more traction and comfort, but they also allow you to ride in a variety of terrains easily such as sand, snow, or mud. Never get stuck pushing your bike out of a tricky area again with superior fat tires. The widest tires provide the most comfort and traction while smaller diameter tires provide a casual look and feel.


So, What’s Your Perfect E-Bike?

After selecting answers to each of these questions, our handy questionnaire will give you a few options suited specifically to your needs and preferences. Some options also come in multiple variations for color so you can customize it a bit further.


You can also retake the quiz if you’d like to change your answers and see how our smart survey tailors a different set of options suited to your new choices.


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