Electric Cars Vs Electric Bikes | How will you make a difference?

Electric Cars Vs Electric Bikes | How will you make a difference?

Electric cars

The largest source of greenhouse gas in the United States stems from the transportation industry(27%). The Biden administration recently passed an infrastructure bill that will allocate $7.5 billion in order to build more EV charging stations in an attempt for more people to adopt electric modes of transport and ditch gas-powered vehicles. This tactic will allegedly assist in reducing carbon emissions and fight global warming.

It is rather unrealistic for many to just cast aside their current car and go off to buy a new one. People should know that there are more options available; other eco-friendly modes of electric transport that can fight climate change too.

Electric bikes

Without a doubt, electric bikes can become a truly practical solution to oppose climate change, a realistic alternative, and a reliable option for those looking to implement electric mobility into their daily life.

The facts are; the cost of an electric bike is inexpensive when compared to an electric car. Electric bikes require significantly less space than any kind of car (even mini-Smart cars). Electric bikes allow you to take swift detours, plus you’ll never find yourself stuck in traffic when you can bypass it. You don’t need to charge an e-bike at a specially-built charging stations… you can charge it anywhere that has a power outlet.

Commuting on an electric bike is extremely efficient, sustainable, plus riding one can save you so much time. Wherever you need to be, you won’t have to think about traffic or finding a parking spot. 

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