Compare Ebike: Roll Road Emma 2.0 VS Juiced Scorpion X2

Prominent brands like Juiced often come with hefty price tags, but this doesn't necessarily equate to the best riding experience. A considerable chunk of their retail prices may be allocated to marketing and advertising expenses, counting on consumers to spread the word about their products.

The performance of a bike, including factors like motor power, frame design, and overall functionality, significantly impacts ride comfort and usability. Despite the premium prices, one would expect additional features aimed at enhancing on-road safety and reducing rider fatigue, rather than simply paying for the brand name.

Roll Road ebikes enhance the riding experience by integrating advanced technologies that prioritize safety, smoothness, and enjoyment. For instance, they offer cruise control for added convenience, allowing riders to take a break from wrist pain when necessary. Moreover, built-in taillight and turn signals contribute to road safety, enabling riders to communicate effectively with other road users both in the bike lane and beyond.

roll road emma ebike

In this comparison between Juiced and Roll Road, we'll delve into these key features and their impact on the overall riding experience.

Roll Road Emma 2.0 VS Juiced Scorpion X2 

Compare Roll Road
Emma 2.0
Scorpion X2
Motor Bafang 1000W (peak at 1800W)
(More power for hills)
1000W (1300W peak)
Battery 960 Wh(better 21700 cells) 811 Wh (18650 cells)
Payload  Super 450 lb 300 lb
Range 70 Miles 55 Miles
Speed 30+ mph 28 mph
Pedal Sensor Advanced torque sensor Cadence sensor
 Hydraulic Brakes 4-piston caliper and 180mm large rotor Nothing special
Frame 10mm thickened 6061 AI AI
Display Premium LED 5.3'' color display Small LCD one
Seat Height 34.8'' for full leg extension) 33'', can't pedal for big tall riders
Seat Length 18'' standard (24'' optional)
(Comfortable for 2 riders)
 14'' only
Front Fork Motorcycle-Grade Double-Crown hydraulic adjustable fork Hydraulic Fork
Rear shocks The first and best nitrogen air shocks on the market, 330mm two shocks on both sides. Adjustable coils and air pressure. Steel spring
Charger 3A fast charger 2A charger
Blinkers Water-flowing front turn signals and Integrated taillight No blinkers
Warranty 2-year 1-year
Availability In Stock
Ship in 1 Day
2-10 days Delivery
Signature Service Bought by Us
In Stock

Emma 2.0 boasts a stylish, lightweigh frame housing an integrated battery that can be effortlessly detached, ensuring seamless mobility throughout your day. No long will you find yourself grappling with a key that's perpetually tethered to the bike. 

Why we say Emma offers superior power, longer range, higher payload capacity and advanced technology, promising an unparalleled riding adventure in every aspect? Compared to Juiced Scorpion X2, Roll Road Emma 2.0 boasts:

1. Featuring a robust 1800 watt peak Bafang Sutto motor and a 48V 20Ah battery with 21700 EVE (supplier of BMW) 50E cells, the Emma 2.0 ensures an enriched riding journey, delivering heightened power precisely when it's needed, all backed by trustworthy brands you can depend on. In comparison, the Scorpion X2 boasts a 1300 peak watt motor, offering a substantial 38% decrease in power to conquer the streets. Probably the steepest road you'll ever encounter will be actually 10% grade, well, Roll Road Ebikes can help our riders conquer 30% grade hills with their mighty motors!

2. Unparalleled 450 lb payload capacity and 24'' Ergonomic Saddle give more riders the opportunity to say "yes" to the opportunity of longer, more comfortable rides, because who doesn't want more wiggle room on the seat and feel cozy to extend their legs in riding, especailly for big and tall riders? Emma makes it easier for people with physical militations, and heavy big riders to get in the saddle and ride, where Scorpion X2 doesn't.

3. The torque sensor integrated into Emma 2.0 offers a notably smoother riding sensation compared to Scorpion X2's cadence sensor. This feature holds particular value for novice ebike enthusiasts seeking a pedal feel akin to that of a conventional bicycle. Why Juiced Scorpion X2 is equipped with cadence sensor but previous version was with torque sensor? Well, because comproming quality has its costs.

4. With speed of 30+ mph and an impressive range of 70 miles, Emma 2.0 empowers riders to travel longer distances at higher speeds with minimal exertion, surpassing Scorpion X2's speed of 28 mph and range of 55 miles. This translates to a 7% increase in speed and 27% more range, offering enhanced performance for riders seeking efficiency and adventure. 

5. The motorcycle-grade hydraulic full suspension system featured in Emma 2.0 places it unequivocally at the forefront of its category. Emma boasts a remarkable front double crown hydraulic fork and rear nitrogen air shocks, elevating its performance to unparalleled heights. When cruise control function engages, you'll feel like you're sitting on a cloud!

This advanced suspension setup provides several distinct advantages:

*Firstly, it ensures superior stability and control, allowing riders to confidently navigate various terrains with ease. 

*Secondly, it enhances comfort by effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience, even over rough terrain or bumpy roads.

*Additionally, both the front and rear suspension can be adjusted by the owner to cater to different terrians. 

Juiced Scorpion X2's rear suspension is just a spring. Don't need to feel it, I believe anyone can see the difference by just taking a look at it.

6. Equipped with built-in turn signals, taillight, and vintage-style 1200 lumen headlight, Emma 2.0 incorporates advanced safety technology that instills riders with added assurance while navigating the streets, whether  it's day or night. In contrast, Scorpion X2 lacks turn signals, potentially leaving riders feeling less secure in their surroundings.

With hydraulic brakes at both ends and a robust 4-piston caliper coupled with a 180mm rotor, it's clear they've prioritized safety alongside power and speed. That combination should offer riders confidence in their ability to stop swiftly and smoothly, enhancing the overall riding experience.

7. With its distinctive and nimble construction crafted from 10mm thickened 6061 AI, Emma delivers enhanced control and superior handling. Its sleek and distinctive swan-like frame design sets it apart from the crowd, offering riders a unique aesthetic experience. In contrast, the frame of Scorpion X2 resembles that of other ebikes on the market, lacking the standout appeal and individually found in Emma 2.0's design.

8. Receive the bike you ordered without any compromises on quality, all while ensuring you have the necessary protection for the journey ahead. Servicing your ebike could quickly become costly, with repair expenses for faulty components potentially reaching up to $200. In this case, we offer a 2-year warranty which is longer than Juiced by a whole year.

9. Basic LCD displays may lack the additional value needed to truly enhance the riding experience. Roll Road sets itself apart with its full-color 5.3'' ultra-wide display, offering more than just riding metrics. With this advanced display, you can conveniently charge your phone at any time during a long trip, adding practicality and convenience to your riding adventures.

While both the Emma 2.0 and Juiced Scorpion X2 share similarities as fat tire moped-style 20" E-bikes, the Emma 2.0 outshines its counterpart in several key aspects. With a more powerful 1000w motor and larger battery capacity, the Emma 2.0 excels in conquering steep hills, especially beneficial for heavier riders. Additionally, its extended range ensures longer rides without the need for frequent recharging.

The full-suspension system of the Emma 2.0 provides superior shock absorption, guaranteeing a smoother ride over rough terrain compared to the Scorpion X2's suspension. Moreover, the Emma 2.0's enhanced motor power translates to quicker arrival at your destination. Furthermore, the Emma 2.0 boasts additional features such as blinkers, cruise control, and torque sensor, elevating its functionality and convenience beyond that of the Juiced Scorpion X2. 

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