A quick safety check

Get on your new electric bike and go for a drive.
It is a very good idea to do some checks before each ride.
Make sure everything is tight! Wheel nut or quick release cam. Make sure that the saddle and handlebars are firm and the height is suitable for you. Also check that the handlebar rotates freely and the cables do not interfere.
Pull the brakes and make sure they are tight and can lock the wheels. This makes it easy to stand on the side of the bicycle and push the bicycle forward while applying the brakes. This is also a good time to check the tire pressure and the fork. Rolling the bike forward with the front brakes on will help indicate any problems.
Check if your pedals are tightened and rotate freely, and at the same time check if the pedal arms are tightened, pull them, from side to side, they should be able to rotate freely, but there should be no left-to-right gap.
Finally, lift up the front and rear wheels and squeeze some spokes. They should be tight to allow the wheels to spin. The wheels should spin freely and be real.

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