5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Ebikes

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Ebikes

Love is in the air, and we’re crushing on our ebikes. Like a healthy long-term relationship, our electric bike makes our lives better! Let us count the ways:

Be Quick, Our Heart

All of this exercise using an ebike is making our heart go pitter-patter. Despite our initial concern that we would exercise less with an ebike, we’re delighted to 

discover we typically go further, and for more rides. No longer daunted by hills or distance, we’re going up, down, anywhere, and our fitness app is liking the results.

Errands Are … Fun?

We’re saying this with a straight face. When our Roll Road Bike sat there, all shiny and tempting, and convinced us to head out for groceries, we figured we’d go to make them happy. But then, something clicked - this is fun. Like, really, really fun. We don’t have to find parking, we take delightful little shortcuts, and we like cruising in the fresh air. Daily date for errands? Yes, please.

Double Dates

They say love is an emotion that’s meant to be shared. For those of us that own an Emma, Shark,  our kids, spouses, and friends are all clamoring to come along. 

Check, Covered

Like any chivalrous date, our Roll Road Bike is picking up the tab. So long fuel, parking, toll bridge, and (for those who ditched a car altogether) car, and insurance payments. The small trips add up, and we’re paying for fuel and parking less and less.

Try New Things

Those who play together, stay together. Now that we’re gleefully cruising down  bike trails and snapping pics by old bridges, we have to admit they’re right. And now our spouses are getting in on the action and riding Rad with us. It’s all so much fun and we don’t want it to end.

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