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Roll-Road Ambassador Program

The Roll-Road Ambassador program aims to connect RR cyclists with new customers, reduce their carbon footprint, and build a community that benefits everyone.

If you own a Roll-Road e-bike, join us and become a Roll-Road product representative! You just need to provide your address and phone number and allow Roll-Road potential riders to test your bike!

Allowing new customers to contact and test your model, as a reward, Roll-Road representatives will get rewards once a customer buys an e-bike with their coupon codes or referral links. Also, you will have a chance to experience our new model!

How to participate?

Send related information to support@roll-road.com.

  • Name
  • Your Vague Location (Street(Optional)/City/State/Country)
  • Did you have a Roll-Road e-bike? If yes, which model?
  • Which social platforms do you use?
  • Would you be willing for people around you to come and experience the bike you currently own?
  • Note(ex: Not available at weekend)

What you get?

  • Become a Roll-Road Ambassador and receive any one Roll-Road e-bike accessory of your choice valued at $59-$99!Or $100 gift card value!
  • If a test rider purchases a product using a coupon you recommend, you will receive a $100 test ride bonus.
  • You are likely to receive our new model as deep cooperation.

great value gift

large basket

rearview mirror

cargo box

water cup holder

foot pegs

Contact support@roll-road.com to create your own Ambassador link

Come and Be A Roll-Road Ambassador!