Perfect E-bike for Man:
Roll Road Shark

JAN 15, 2024

JAN 15, 2024

Riding an e-bike helps the body fight off disease, increases heart rate, and improves both physical and mental health. Regular biking is a high-impact exercise and can be risky for people who have health issues or nagging injuries. Riding an electric bike, however, decreases the strain on the body and mind by offering assistance from the motor so you don't tired yourself out every time you want to ride. Whether for a young boy or a senior, electric bike is a great choice for you to commute or get fit.

You know what? According to Harvard Health Publishing, cycling is one of the better ways for older adults to stay active. It's a low-impact activity that's easy on the joints, and it can help increase aerobic fitness, stamina, and balance. Some research has suggested that cycling may even improve cognitive function. But if certain limitations make cycling a challenge, electric bikes, commonly known as e-bikes, can help you get pedaling. 

Investing an ebike is a big decision, and while you mostly get what you pay for, there are a few more wallet-friendly options that still get the job done. This is where Roll Road Shark comes in.

The classic styling and heritage form factor of theSharkjust got a bit more gritty. With the new elongated retro orange seat and front double crown hydraulic air fork suspension, this bike remains sleek enough for the streets but rugged enough for the trail. But it's the details that really push the design over the top. These include a 24'' retro orange saddle, 20*4 knobby fat tires and 1200 lumen headlight. You're not going to see many ebikes that look cooler than this.

Looks will only get a bike so far, though. Luckily, the Roll Road Shark has the performance to back up its brash design:
This bike is equipped with a Bafang-Sutto 1000W hub motor that can pump out up to 1800W. When you decide to really push the bike, you'll be able to reach a top speed of 35 mph. What man would reject a thrilling speed on the road?

Comes with a 21700 48V 20Ah battery, it's powerful enough to get 70 miles of range with pedal assistance on a single charge. That means there's little reason for range anxiety when riding the bike around town. 

Got a loved one to spoil? With a 24'' saddle and made of 10mm thickened aluminum alloy, feel free to grab him/her and start your adventure together! Have I mentioned that Shark has unbelievable 450lb payload capacity? Enjoy the fun on two wheels even though you're a big guy! Can you imagine that this beast of bike weighs only 77lb but can carry 2 people without problem? Sometimes it feels more like a lightweight stripped-down motorcycle than an ebike, and that is the beauty of it for every cool man out there.

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4-piston hydraulic brake and 180mm large rotor make you safe when riding, because as we all know, safety is the most important thing.Sharkis designed to stop on a dime when you need it, that means this bike can take you to a adrenaline-pumping cruise while the total control is yours. Isn't that every man's dream?

Please get a torque sensor ebike if your budget is adequate. Why? Because the torque sensor is the best on the market! It detects the force you use on the pedal and then make the motor kicks power accordingly. Therefore, you'll get a smoother, more real-time, energy-saved riding and obtain more exercises.

Riding a bike with friends reduces stress and improves your mood because the feeling of being outside can do marvels for your sense of well-being. You will be having fun with people and spending more time outside enjoying teh fresh air and sunshine. Ready to embark on your transformative journey with anRoll Road e-bikein 2024? Let the adventure begin!