How To Maximize The Range of Your Ebike

Battery is the fuel of an ebike and it determines how far your ebike can run. There are many factors that affect the range you could have with your ebike. This blog provides some tips for you to maximize your range and have a better riding experience.

Factors that affect the range of your ebike

  • Battery capacity
  • Battery state-of-charge
  • Running Mode (the ebike will consume less power in pedal-assist mode as the contribution of the rider by pedaling also helps with moving the ebike)
  • Tire inflation pressure
  • Mechanical resistance from the wheel bearings and brakes (if there is any)
  • Rider weight (the heavier the load you put on an ebike, the more mechanical resistance it will experience, and hence consumes more power)
  • The speed at which you travel (the higher the speed, the higher the air resistance)
  • Terrain (travelling uphill or on rough terrain will require more power)
  • Many start-stops ( a standing start draws the most power from the battery. It is the same principle as motorcars where the fuel consumption is significantly higher during a standing start). 

How to maximize the range of your ebike

  • Properly maintain and store your lithium ion battery to reduce its degradation (refer to the next upcoming blog post for tips and advice for battery maintenance and storage). As the battery ages, its capacity will also gradually diminish. It is very important to properly maintain your battery.
  • Fully charge your battery until the LED on your charger turns green. 
  • Ride in pedal-assist mode and keep pedaling
  • Check your tire pressure. Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure printed on the tire sidewall. Under-inflated tires will result in increase in drag and reduce your ebike range. 
  • Ensure your bike is properly serviced regularly and ensure both wheels turn freely and the brake pads do not rub the discs. Make sure there is no abnormal noise or vibration.
  • If you intend to ride long distance, try to leave unnecessary items at home and minimize the total weight that your bike carries. 
  • Ride at slower speed. This will reduce the air resistance and help with saving your battery power
  • Minimize start-stop and accelerate gentle at traffic junctions. It is recommended to start riding by manually pedaling with power off or pedal-assist set at Level 0. After your ebike picks up some speed by manual pedaling, gradually increase the pedal-assist level. 


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