E-bikes helping you to stay fit?!

E-bikes helping you to stay fit?!

Will riding an e-bike still keep you feet? ANSWER: YES. It is not new or surprising that the comment section was met with skeptics, but It’s understandable that people who don’t know about e-bikes have nonfactual opinions. They may think riding one is easy or doesn’t require a lot of effort because there’s no need to pedal. However, that theory isn’t entirely true.You can most definitely ride an e-bike and use it as a tool to keep fit. This article will briefly explain how.This article will briefly explain how.


E-bikes were created to add convenience to your life. They help riders go faster, ride longer, haul heavier things and so on. Riding an e-bike doesn't translate to being lazy or disassociate from the word "fitness". In fact, e-bikes are able to improve cardiorespiratory health and get your heart rate up just as much as a regular bicycle. There have also been numerous studies in Europe and across the USA which prove the point, but instead of getting into the numbers, let’s get into the logic.

Electric bikes don’t limit you from getting a conventional cycling experience; engaging in physical exercise and sometimes working up a sweat. They actually add more to a standard cycling experience.

E-bikes require pedaling. That is why the pedals are there. It's not a scooter, or a moped, it's still a BIKE! The electric factor is there to offer assistance for when you are already pedaling. 

Pedal assist

Pedal assist works just how it sounds. When you pedal, the motor is activated, thus providing you with assistance. The cool thing which most people don’t know is that there are different levels of pedal assist (0-5). The rider has all the control at their fingertips; being able to adjust the levels via the display buttons. Zero is obviously the lowest level, which provides no support from the motor and would resort in using the throttle. Higher levels deliver increased motor assistance. It's only when there is a throttle present; you have the choice to not pedal at all. 

Roll Road offers e-bikes with pedal assist levels up to 5, and we’ve helped a lot of people go on longer journeys, as well as ride to places they were unable to get to before. Staying fit isn’t a major selling point for all e-bikes, but it’s certainly one of the benefits that comes with riding one.

Torque sensor vs. speed sensor

Having a torque sensor is something to consider if you are looking to reap some exercise. The torque sensor measures the pedaling power of the rider, and simultaneously controls how much e-power is needed to keep you going. To break that down even more; the more you pedal, the more electric power it’s going to output. If you’re just cruising around and not pedaling that hard, then the motor is going to give off less power.

A speed sensor is a little different in respect to the motor being able to override your pedaling efforts. Have you ever felt like you’re pedaling, but it doesn’t feel effective because you are already going pretty fast? A speed sensor gives you that feeling. Like we mentioned before, if you want to get more of a workout, then lower your pedal assist level.

So, a torque sensor senses your pedaling strength before the motor is triggered, whereas with a speed sensor; the motor assistance is according to the rotational speed of the wheel.

This article was a short one, but we hope we made it clear that electric bikes can help you stay fit and have also brought a lot of people back to enjoy the benefits and joy of riding. 

Before making assumptions- a bit of research might help! Whichever way you want to use your e-bike, we won’t judge you. Our e-bikes are made for your own journey and enjoyment. Ride with Roll Road and enjoy!

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