Compare Ebike: Roll Road Emma VS Ariel Rider X-Class

As gas prices soar to unprecedented levels, the demand for e-bikes as a practical and efficient transportation alternative has surged among Americans. This has led to a significant increase in online searches for electric bikes, particularly those available through direct-to-consumer channels. With numerous models flooding the market, comparing their specifications, value propositions, and features can be a daunting task. In this series, we aim to provide a comprehensive comparison of specific models from Roll Road against their competitors, helping consumers make informed decisions.

Before joining the trend and purchasing the same e-bike model as your neighbor, it's essential to carefully examine how key models in each category compare against each other. In this blog, we'll delve into a comparison of high-performance moped-style electric bikes within the super-premium segment, helping you make an informed decision.

The Roll Road Emma 2.0 is the reigning queen in this class, and its elegant design incorporates modern enhancements and upgraded components for an exceptionally powerful, safe, and smooth riding experience. Now, let's take a look at how the Roll Road Emma 2.0 compares to a similar, also well-reviewed model in the same category: the Ariel Rider X-Class.

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Compare Roll Road
Emma 2.0
Ariel Rider
Motor 1800W peak
(More power for hills)
1000W (sustained)
Battery BMW EV battery supplier and 21700 cells, UL certified 18650 cells
Payload 450 lb
(made of 10mm thickened 6061 AI plate, offers 5+ years accompany)
300 lb
Lights Front 1200 lumen headlight + water-flowing turn signals Not Included
Style Elegant Swan style, Exquisite Vehicle level paint Hard to say
Pedal Sensor High end torque sensor Poor cadence sensor
Brakes 4-piston caliper Only 2-piston
Charger 3A 2.5A 
Display Premier LED 5.3'' color display Small black panel
Seat Height 34.8'' for full leg extension 33'', can't pedal for big tall riders
Seat Length 18'' (24'' optional) ergonomic saddle Short and hard 9.75'' (you'll need to spend another $100-$200 for a JB seat)
Front Fork Motorcycle-Grade hydraulic adjustable fork Not sure
Rear shocks The first and best nitrogen air shocks on the market, 330mm two shocks on both sides. Adjustable coils and air pressure. Just a spring
Rear rack Included $89 
Availability In Stock
Ship in 1 Day
2-10 days Delivery
Signature Service Bought by Us
In Stock


Want more motor power and payload capacity in a compact ebike? Emma 2.0 is almost twice as much motor power as X-Class's motor. And have you ever met an electric bike that can carry 450 lb payload? Furthermore, many Reddit reviewers and Youtube influencers found the short hard X-class's seat, poor suspension, cadence sensor, and low seat height insufficient for their needs. 

The Science Behind Our Product

1. With a Bafang 1800-watt rear hub motor, you'll experience double the power compared to the Ariel Rider X-class's 1000-watt motor. This translates to consistent top speed and range, providing enhanced performance for your riding needs.

2. A 48V 20Ah battery with 21700 EVE cells, the Emma 2.0 ensures an enriched riding journey with heightened power. In comparison, the X-class boasts a 21700 cells battery, which is out of date for a quite some time.

3. The Emma 2.0's torque sensor delivers a smoother riding experience compared to X-class's cadence sensor. This feature is particularly valuable for novice ebike owners seeking the same pedaling sensation as a traditional bike.

4. When it comes to riding a moped, you'll want to be safe and be seen. The Roll Road  Emma 2.0 is engineered with safety in mind, providing essential features to ensure confidence while sharing lanes with high-speed traffic. Made of 10mm thickened 6061 AI, Emma 2.0 offers an unparalleled 450 lb payload capacity and a 18'' (24'' optional) Ergonomic Saddle, catering to a wider range of riders for longer, more comfortable rides. Emma 2.0 accommodates riders with physical limitations and heavier builds, where the X-class falls short.

5. Absolutely, when it comes to bikes with impressive power and speed, having an exceptional braking system is paramount. The Emma 2.0 is equipped with hydraulic brakes both in the front and rear, boasting a 4-piston caliper and a substantial 180mm rotor, ensuring unparalleled stopping power.

6. Have you ever felt cruise control function on a bike?
The cruise control function on a bike can indeed offer a unique and enjoyable riding experience. Together with Emma 2.0's full suspension system, riders are liberated from wrist pain and fatigue during extended journeys. This sensation of floating on a cloud enhances the overall ride comfort, allowing cyclists to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Moreover, the cruise control feature not only adds convenience but also contributes to energy efficiency by conserving battery power during sustained periods of consistent speed. This innovative design element not only enhances rider comfort but also optimizes the e-bike's performance, resulting in a truly fantastic riding experience.

Fully Loaded and Ready to Roll

1. Emma 2.0's motorcycle-grade hydraulic full suspension system places it unequivocally at the forefront of its category, offering superior stability, control, and comfort. The advanced suspension setup effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, providing a smoother ride over rough terrain compared to the X-class's suspension.

2. Equipped with built-in horn, blinkers, brake light, and a vintage-style 1200 lumen headlight, Emma 2.0 incorporates advanced safety technology, instilling riders with added assurance while navigating day or night. While the X-Class offers these accessories as optional add-ons, it's important to note that they come at an additional cost, and you'll be tasked with installing them yourself. Among these accessories are crucial safety features such as horn, which is often mandatory in many states for e-bikes to be registered as mopeds. Without these components, your e-bike may not be fully equipped for safe riding, emphasizing the importance of ensuring your vehicle meets necessary safety standards before hitting the road.

3. Roll Road's full-color 5.3'' ultra-wide display goes beyond basic LCDs, offering not only real-time metrics, but also convenience such as phone charging during long trips, adding practicality to your riding adventures.

4. Roll Road offers a 2-year warranty, providing protection and peace of mind for the journey ahead.

Although the Emma 2.0 and Ariel Rider X-class belong to the same category of fat tire moped-style 20" E-bikes, the Emma 2.0 excels over its counterpart in numerous essential aspects, delivering superior performance, comfort, and features. We hope this blog assists you in discovering your dream bike, and you may join the Roll Road Community some day!

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