Best All-Terrain E-bike for Tall & Heavy Riders

When it comes to enjoying summertime fun to the fullest, electric bikes are always a better choice. There, we said it. And we mean every word of it. We are bold to say this not just because we're a reliable and thriving ebike company, it's our customers who's been building us confidence. E-bikes offer a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered cars while also providing a smooth and quiet driving experience. However, not all electric bikes are created equal. Some may not be suitable for tall & heavy riders. Before splurging on extras or repairs, consider investing in an electric bike that suits your size instead. Well, that's where Roll Road Shark comes in.
Robust 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame & 350Lb Payload
To make sure you are comfortable while riding, you will need to find a frame that fits your size properly . Shark's frame is made of 6061 aluminium alloy which has been carefully designed constructed to provide high payload capacity and stability. Its premium balance design ensures riding comfort and safety, whether it's for long-distance riding or daily commuting. In addition, e-bike is like a trusty steed - it can carry your weight, but be aware of its limits. Exceeding the manufacturer's specifications could result in costly damage and endanger you too! Shark can carry a maximum weight payload reaching up to 350lbs, which is a very big advantage for heavy riders.

Mighty 1000W Motor & 48V 20Ah Battery
Shark is equipped with a 1000W (peak at 1800W) geared hub motor that provides great hill climbing ability and ensures a decent speed even with a big rider on it. This is very important for heavy riders who need enough power to cope with various road conditions and challenges. With 960Wh batteries, feel free to explore breathtaking routes for miles on Roll Road Shark with reliable battery power that never holds you back! 

Ergonomic 24'' Soft Saddle
One of the main concerns with  low seat electric bikes is their lack of legroom, especially for taller people. Well, one of the most significant advantages of our moped style e-bike is its saddle. Features a well-designed seat (narrow on the front and wide on the back) with a length of 24'' and height of 34.6'', ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience for riders of tall heights and weights. More wiggle room on the seat and you can adjust your riding position to your likes. The classic styling and heritage form factor of the Shark just got a bit more gritty. With the new elongated seat and front double shoulder air fork suspension, this bike remains sleek enough for the streets but rugged enough for the trail. The Shark's seat is designed to be user-friendly and features high-density foam technology that provides soft and long-lasting cushioning. It's also ultra-strong and retains its shape even after long rides.

Long story short, do you have a plan for an adventure trip this summer?
Family Camping
Parent-Child Bonding
Apple Picking
Watch fireworks
Visit a historic site
You can't go wrong with a Roll Road Shark this camping season!


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